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RSRCHX is the go-to hub for financial research.

It's where investors read and interact with the research they already have and shop for the content they want to get.

It's where providers broadcast their content and connect with clients.

All in real time.

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Improve traction with existing clients. Your reports flow straight to the RSRCHX cloud and more directly into your clients' workflows. Going digital means greater readership insights and your reports are always protected.


Extend your reach with institutional investors around the world. Market your content as well as your firm. You'll have more exposure and be easy to find on our aggregation portal.


Customers enjoy a better user experience, while you sell in real time. The sales and payment process is handled for you, freeing up more of your time to do what you do best - writing top quality research.

Virtual Library

RSRCHX keeps all your research in one place so it's there when you're ready, wherever you are. You can access and interact with reports from the providers you know and trust in a way made better by our team of industry experts.


Discover new research on the topics you care about most. View transparent prices and buy a subscription or even reports individually in real time. Explore our world of providers and connect to expertise in your investment universe.


Now you can analyse your consumption in real time with every detail available. Adopt a MiFID II compliant workflow with little effort & no cost.

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Who will be able to view this information?
Your privacy is important to us. Your answers are only made visible to clients. Other providers do not have access to your information on RSRCHX.

Can I make changes?
If any of your information changes, you need to let us know right away. You can make updates via the main provider admin section.

Basic info

What is the company registration number?
The Company Registration Number (CRN) and is either an 8 digit number, or 2 alpha characters followed by a 6 digit number allocated by Company House on registration of a company.

Why do you ask for Tax IDs?
We collect domicile and tax information from all clients and providers which feeds into our invoicing system. For US providers we do not require a VAT number.

Contact Details

Why do you need my contact Details?
Used as primary source of contact for any queries with regards to your company’s account.

Description of services

What should be included in "About"?
You have 1000 characters to describe your company to clients. This should be a description of your company and your services. It can also include but is not limited to your personal & company background, any awards/recognition won, and industry qualifications. Information given within the description of service will appear on your Company profile page. Essentially, you should include anything you feel a first time client would want to know about your firm.

I thought I could only sell research notes and subscriptions on RSRCHX. Why do you ask if I provide other services?
Once clients have purchased a research note, they will have the option to buy analyst time or other services, if you offer them. Clients would also be able access these services if included within a subscription.

Can clients pay for Corporate Access?
We allow UK clients to pay for Corporate Access with hard dollar payments as per FCA rules.


Do I need to be regulated to use RSRCHX?

Why do I have to fill in the passport details of Directors and Shareholders if i'm not regulated?
We require identification information in order to conduct company checks for our due diligence process.

Compliance Questionnaire

Why am I required to answer a compliance questionnaire?
Compliance approval is an essential step for any client buying research services. We ask all providers to answer our custom built compliance questionnaire and make your answers visible to prospective clients and their compliance teams. The questions were drawn up working with clients and our compliance consultants.


Company logo – what are the file size and shape limits?
Your logo should fit in a rectangle 450px wide by 240px high, and have a white or transparent background. Other aspect ratios will be accepted but might be cropped or zoomed in unexpected ways.

Do I need to upload more than my company logo?
Only Company logo is a required field. However, research providers are encouraged to be as comprehensive as possible with their uploaded documents.


Why do you ask for details about legacy subscriptions?
Preventing price confusion for your existing customers is a business necessity for you and therefore important to us. We ask for basic information on who your existing clients are in order to properly permission them on RSRCHX. Existing subscribers will then be able to search and access reports that they have already subscribed to but will not be shown pricing information.

What is a data hosting fee?
A data hosting fee is only applied in rare instances where after a prolonged period a provider is using RSRCHX solely to distribute research to legacy subscribers. Where we don’t charge any annual fee to any of our normal providers we may need to introduce a data hosting fee where RSRCHX isn’t being used to sell additional research services.

Bank Details

What is an IBAN Account Number?
An International Bank Account Number which identifies the country, the account holder’s bank and the account number. IBAN example: GB99 EAST 1234 5678 9876 54

What is a Swift Code?
A Swift Code is a generic bank identifier code containing 8-11 characters. Swift example: Barclays UK is BARCGB22.

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Following account registration you will need to fill out a compliance questionnaire and sign our contract.